Let’s face it, we all know there comes a time when a fridge or washing machine is on its last legs and rather than asking the new appliance supplier to take the old one away, there is likely to be copper and other valuable metals within the old appliance. With that in mind, here are a few examples.

  • Old IT Hardware – There would be a few valuable metals inside a computer and if you happen to have a few old laptops that you want to get rid of, it might be an idea to ask your local scrap dealer if they buy old computers. The amount of copper would depend on the unit; older models would contain more. Copper is used to channel away heat and also to protect the CPU.
  • Kitchen Appliances – Old washing machines, dryers, cookers and refrigerators all contain a range of metals that can be recycled. It is normal for Sydney scrap lead recyclers or the scrap metal recyclers in your location to offer better prices for pre-sorted scrap metal. If you don’t have the time or the tools to do that, they would probably take the appliance and pay you good money. Generally speaking, the older the appliance, the more copper it will contain and this is a highly valued metal in the scrap industry.
  • Air Conditioning Units – There is copper piping in the compressor and that alone makes this an appliance that all scrap dealers would be happy to collect. Of course, you would get a better price if the copper tubing is removed, although they would be happy to take away the units and strip it down themselves. Older A/C units would likely contain more copper than a newer model, so if you are thinking of changing your climate control, give your local scrap metal yard a call and ask them to assess the value of the old units.
  • Old Furniture – Not all old furniture is worthy of recycling, but an old iron bed most certainly would. Find out the best scrap metal prices in Canberra or in your city using Google and take a look at the items they are prepared to accept and you might be pleasantly surprised. Builders tend to accumulate scrap metal. The electric cabling of a house to be demolished would be worth quite a bit.
Image Source: Unsplash

Whatever appliances you have at home that are no longer used, the best way to dispose of them is to call a local scrap metal dealer and ask for a price. There is a lot of competition within scrap dealers, which is good for the seller. Many offer above market prices and they will come and collect your scrap for free.

To conclude, there is a lot of valuable metals inside domestic appliances. Should you have a few old appliances laying around on your property, you are advised to talk to a local scrap dealer and see how valuable your old appliances actually are. You get paid cash and do not have the worry of disposing of the items.