There are many who think that if a person wants to open up a business from home, that is entirely their decision; they shouldn’t have to be tied down by the constraints that are normally associated with a brick and mortar store that we would see on the high street.

Many people wrongfully assume that because it is their home then they can pretty much do whatever they like and they are not subject to the normal rules and regulations that come with any standard business. The opposite is actually true and there are a number of licenses and permits that everyone needs to have, no matter what they are engaging in and what kind of product or service that they are offering.

This means that many home-based businesses get themselves in trouble with the relevant agencies, and they end up needinglegal assistance for BOI Thailand certificate or any legal aid required to keep themselves on the right side of the law and to make a success of their business. If it is your intention to start a home-based business sooner rather than later, then the following are some of the essential licences and permits that you will need depending on what it is that you are providing.

A Food License

Restaurants are one of the most popular start-ups for home-based businesses and there are many excellent cooks out there that can prepare the tastiest meals. The thing to remember, however, is that there are a number of legal considerations involved when preparing and cooking food for customers. Every food business will need some kind of food licence from the local municipality and after you submit your application, it can take up to 60 days for the whole procedure to complete. There will then be an appointment to check your home-based business for sanitation.

An Entertainment License

If it is your plan to entertain guests who are eating at your restaurant then you need to have an entertainment licence for things like bands and singers to come there. If you have a karaoke machine set up in your home business then you need an entertainment licence for this as well because your customers are singing and it’s likely that other customers are going to want to dance and have fun. If you add in some disco lights and sound facilities then once again, an entertainment licence is needed.

A Massage License

It may be that you are a qualified masseuse and you want to offer clients a massage from your home when they are enjoying their vacation and so you’re going to need a massage license in order to do just that. In order to get this license, you and your staff must be fully qualified with a minimum requirement for training; a municipality officer will come out to your home to make sure that there is good sanitation and there is a first aid box on the premises. Setting up a business from home is not as easy and straightforward as one might think. Always check if you need a relevant license to operate a business from there.