Fire pits have long been a thing in the world. In the US, native Americans cooked food in shallow pits and covered it in clay and soil to retain the heat; African tribes use a form of fire pit to cook their prey, which is a very effective way to cook meat using the Earth’s natural resources. So, we don’t need to convince you that a fire pit is the goal and we offer an easy-to-follow guide to creating your own fire pit so you can enjoy great BBQs with family and friends.

Set The Template For Your Fire Pit

Assuming you have already acquired stones or bricks, you need to place the first layer around the pit circle; walk around the pit and be sure that this is the best location, then mark and remove the stones. If you have yet to buy the stones, Ipswich brick suppliers are only a mouse-click away, albeit you can also locate suppliers in your area through a quick online search. The ideal size of the inner diameter is 1m, but you could go smaller if you have a small garden. The walls should be at least 4 courses, so calculate for that, or ask the brick supplier, who can recommend the best brick to use for a fire pit.

Dig Out The Pit

Here’s where the hard work lies; whether using a pick or spade, you have to dig out at least 8” and remove this soil. For a bare minimum, 6” will work, although we recommend deeper.


Fill the hole with gravel right to the ground level, which is essential for drainage and also heat retention. Of course, this is a ground level fire pit, so you are not actually cooking food under the soil, as they would in other parts of the world. More importantly, you are not messing with your land, plus the above ground fire pit has aesthetic value.

Build Your Fire Pit

Having calculated the number of fire bricks, finding the right building materials Ipswich supplier or your nearby DIY store has on offer and having them delivered to your door, now you can focus on building the walls. Make sure you have everything you need – cement mixed, trowel at hand, spirit level and a rubber hammer. Interlock the bricks as you would when building a straight wall and be generous with the mortar, which can always be wiped before it sets.

Install A Metal Ring

This keeps the heat in and protects the edges of the bricks. A local workshop can knock one up for you, which should fit like a glove. You are now ready to light your first fire. If you are short of design ideas, a search with the help of Google can provide you with unique ways to build a fire pit. There are a few ‘how to build a fire pit’ videos on YouTube if you need some extra guidance and as we approach the summer of 2022, you and your family can enjoy great BBQs using your DIY fire pit. This is the perfect time to start looking at where to place your fire pit and the project can be completed in a long weekend.