How to make your bathroom safe for kids isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, the problem is compounded when you consider that most children don’t have a lot of experience with the dangers that can be found within a bathroom.

It’s normal for a kid to feel as though everywhere, including the bathroom, is a fun space where they can go and play, albeit bathrooms are often much more dangerous places. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to prevent this from happening in your home.

Don’t Allow The Toilet To Leak

One of the easiest and quickest ways on how to make your bathroom safe for kids is to install a toilet that will not leak on its own. Some toilets have a special feature that stops them from leaking if they aren’t being used. Accidental leakage is likely to cause some problems inside a bathroom if you don’t handle it right away.

Keep Kids Out

Another way of making your bathroom safe for kids is to avoid using it until you are completely confident that it is safe. Many bathrooms are small, so it’s easy to overlook a small space when you’re caught up with inspecting a bigger space. Make sure that you measure the area that you want to keep clean.

Get Some Anti-Slip Objects

You can then buy pads or mats to stick inside the bathroom that will stop you from accidentally slipping on the floor. Young children like to run around anywhere and anytime they could, and they could potentially put themselves in danger should they slip on the bathroom floor. In many cases, it’s all right to use the toilet, but you’ll want to be certain that the pads are kept in the bathroom when you do. It’s also a good idea to take an object that would be a potential hazard into the bathroom with you, just in case you end up tripping over it.

Limit The Objects In The Bathroom

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Another way to make your bathroom safe for children is by limiting the items that you place in or near the bathroom. The lesser objects in your bathroom, the lesser the clutter, and the lesser the chance your kid might step on it and slip. Albeit non-skid floor mats would always be helpful, you’ll still want to be cautious about what you place in there.

Check that the child’s toys are kept out of the bathroom. Toys should be kept away from the bathroom, even if you only keep one toy in there at a time. This helps prevent small children from choking on small parts and also prevents you from having to reach down to pick up a spilled toy. You should also ask a baby’s pediatrician about what he recommends as far as toys go, especially if your child is still quite young. Many toys are more than suitable for older children, so you may want to consider that option. A bathroom designers Weybridge homeowners go to for ideas can show you storage solutions that can help you with this particular problem. If you live elsewhere, a quick Google search would show you showrooms near you.

Ample Spacing

A final way to make your bathroom safe for kids is to make sure that the areas where you need to lay out sinks and toilets are not too close together. It’s easy for a child to trip on the toilet because of nearby pipes or something similar. If your bathroom is too crowded, it’s hard for you to get around quickly when you have to run to the sink to make use of it. Children aren’t going to mind if a bathroom is crowded, but they will mind it if there are too many things in there that they can trip over.