There are plenty of insects and mammals around us and that means a diverse range of household pets that might decide to take up residence in our home. From deadly spiders to nasty wasps and everything in between, they are on the list of household pests. Some are more harmful to us than others.

Bed Bugs

Not always found in beds, these tiny creatures feed on human blood and you might notice a small rash when getting dressed in the morning. Surprisingly adept, bed bugs are very difficult to exterminate, as their nest might be behind a wall, rather than in the actual bed, which is really their dining area. If you think you may have bed bugs in your home, there are professionals offering affordable Sunshine Coast pest control prices. They have the equipment and chemicals to identify and destroy the bed bug nest, which should be the end of the matter.


While these blood-thirsty flying insects are normally found outside, they will come in if you don’t have fly screens. Mozzies carry deadly diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever. If you seem to have a lot in the garden, there is probably a body of water, which the insects need to lay their eggs. Removing these should see a reduction in their numbers and they won’t nest. They simply sit quietly, usually on dark surfaces like curtains, clothing or even blinds. Investing in insect screens will resolve the problem and make sure to spray on protection when going out in the early morning and evening.

Toxic Spiders

There are at least half a dozen poisonous spiders that you might encounter. The funnel web spider is one of the deadliest, while the redback and mouse spider are also very dangerous. When clearing out the shed or garage, pay particular attention to where you place your hands. If you do spot a spider, there will be more. Call in a pest control company rather than take any chances.


There are numerous species, and they will dine on you or your pet. Any mammal is a prime target for these tough little critters. If they are in your bedroom, they will come and dine on you while you are sleeping and also leave their mark, a small red pimple that itches. The only way to completely exterminate the fleas (and their eggs) is to call your local pest control firm, as they are very experienced dealing with all household pests.

If you live in a rural area, the chances of a pest invasion are slightly higher than if you live in the city. Whatever the species, don’t hesitate to contact the professional pest exterminator, who has all the solutions. Even if your home is pest-free, it is still a good idea to carry out the odd inspection, which might reveal tell-tale signs and you can resolve the issue at the very outset.